AI Fashion: Rococo Cats

AI generated image of a cat wearing a rococo-style gown, in the style of a classical portrait

[if Marie Antoinette had been a cat, she might have looked something like this]

There are a lot of amazing uses for artificial intelligence - for better or worse, it really is going to change the world! But despite all of its practical applications, my favorite uses for AI remain the silly ones... like dressing cats in clothes!

After I finished my first experiment with AI cat fashion a few months ago, the Craiyon AI image generator added a new feature to "upscale" and create better quality images. Of course I had to try it out!

This time around I decided to dress the AI cats in one of my favorite historical styles: Rococo! In the mid-1700s when this style emerged, it was very different from the more serious styles of the time, so it was looked down upon my many as frivolous, silly, and even vulgar. (Which is much like what people say about the fashion styles that I prefer today!)

Screenshot image of the Crayon AI image generator's results when asked generate cats wearing pastel rococo gowns

[well, you tried...]

Generating the images I wanted was easier said than done, though. No matter how many different ways I tried to tell the AI that I didn't want humans, it mostly gave me ladies with vaguely feline features rather than actual, distinguishable cats. The generator creates 9 images at a time and most of the times I requested new images, it only gave me one or two cats out of the bunch.

AI image generation takes time, especially when you are using free tools, so it took me literally hours to collect my goal of over 50 rococo cat pics. So I really hope you enjoy them!

AI generated image of a woman with feline-like features

[become a Bonus Content subscriber to see the cuteness and horror of the fails]

I also collected 20 of my favorite fails, ranging from cute to bizarre to downright nightmare inducing. (Why is there a woman with a furry face on her boob???) This best-of-the-worst collection is available exclusively for Bonus Content subscribers, so if you want to see them (plus lotssss more fun stuff), become one of my Purplest People and unlock all of the benefits!

And without further ado, I present you with a collection of AI generated rococo cats:

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