AI Fashion: Cats in Gowns

Computer-generated image of a cat wearing a gown on a fashion show runway

["cat wearing a gown, runway fashion show" | generated by Craiyon]

One of my favorite pastimes lately is playing with Craiyon, a free AI image generator. I find myself going down a rabbit hole with it, and the next thing I know I've been typing ridiculous prompts for hours!

While there are lots of practical applications for artificial intelligence, I prefer to use it for ridiculous things that would never exist in the real world. Like cats walking on a catwalk!

My latest Craiyon rabbit hole was based on the idea of a runway fashion show featuring cats as the models. So I gave Craiyon some instructions: cat wearing a gown, runway fashion show.

Despite seeming pretty a pretty straightforward request, the AI struggled a little to deliver on my prompt. About half of the images didn't include a cat at all, and just depicted fairly normal human runway models in gowns. (Well, maybe "normal' isn't quite the right word...)

In some cases, it inserted a cat into a runway fashion scene, either as a bystander, or being carried by a human model as though it was a handbag.

Cats, this season's hottest accessory!

And then there were the cats sitting naked on the catwalk, no gowns. Just the occasional collar.

Clearly not what I was looking for.

All so close and yet so far away!

But in the end, after many refreshes and many hundreds of images, I did manage to collect a lovely gallery of AI-generated cats walking the runway in dresses (albeit with varying degrees of success).

Fun, right??

But honestly, my favorites were the ones that went wrong. And some of them went very, horribly, disturbingly, hilariously wrong. Wanna see a gallery with over 100 of the worst fails? I posted it on the Super Secret Insider News blog that's just for Bonus Content Subscribers!

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