More AI anime digital fashion makeovers!

images of anime characters that were generated by artificial intelligence, based on images featuring digital fashion outfits

Since I had so much fun with the last batch, it's time for another batch of AI-generated anime makeovers! Fotor gives me plenty of free credits to use in their AI image generator and I can't think of a better way to use them than to keep turning my digital fashion photos into anime characters. (This is not an ad - I genuinely love Fotor and appreciate their 2 free credits per day because AI image generation can get expensive!)

These are images from both past and future blog posts about digital fashion, run through an AI-powered website to give them an anime style. Some of them definitely turned out better than others... Here are all the best ones I managed to pull together!

Wanna see the fails? As usual, they are on the Bonus Content blog. Become a Bonus Content subscriber to see just how badly some of the attempts went wrong!

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