Digital Fashion Edit: Water Elf

process images of editing a digital fashion photo

[I'm a magical being]

This was a very quick digital fashion edit but I absolutely love how it turned out! First I started out in the DRESSX AR camera, where I added the IPSA Aqua Water Pierce ear cuffs. I love how they look like they are made out of water, and the shape reminds me of elf ears!

process photos showing the steps of creating a digital fashion edit

[it took just a few taps to turn myself into this fun character]

Then I took it into Facetune so that I could use the AI clothing changer to make my outfit match the earrings. It felt like it still needed a little something else so I also added a twinkly background and changed my hair color.

The whole thing only took a few minutes to create, bit it makes a big impact!

What do you think? Have you tried any digital fashion apps yet?

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