AI Fashion: Ringmaster Cats

ai generated image of a cat dressed as a ringmaster

[please turn your attention to the center ring]

I have a secret.

Don't get me wrong - I use AI to generate cats wearing ridiculous outfits because I find it fun and entertaining... but I also have an ulterior motive. It's also part of my social media growth strategy!

This set of AI cats wearing cabaret-inspired ringmaster costumes was created as part of a Fashion AI challenge on a circus theme. Following a weekly prompt, these competitions are a great source of inspiration. And as an added bonus, participation is a great way to organically grow my social media channels!

ai generated image of a cat dressed as a circus ringmaster

[this fellow looks quite full of bravado!]

As a part of each week's competition, all of the entries are posted to the Fashion AI Instagram and LinkedIn. That means that every week that I participate, I get social media shoutouts from accounts with a targeted following of people who might also enjoy my other content.

The participation-for-shoutouts method is kind of a growth hack. Like all organic growth, it can be slow, but since the traffic it brings comes from a niche account it's more likely to bring in new and engaged followers than more general traffic. I can tell you for certain that it works, since I've been participating in various challenges and events of this type off and on for many years. (In fact, that is how I initially started growing my Snapchat following, before they improved user discovery on the platform! 

ai generated image of a cat that didn't turn out quite right

[there are some things you can't unsee no matter how hard you try]

As always, my favorite part of this project was the fails - some of them were truly haunted! If you want to see the best of the worst results, become a Bonus Content subscriber for access to the fails from all of the AI experiments I post!

I'm delighted with the batch of good results I got. These are some very dapper looking kitties!

More AI cat fashion ⇢

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