Glitch Magazine x ZERO10 Content Creator Challenge

screenshot images of a woman wearing various digital fashion outfits

[all the world's a catwalk]

In honor of the first print magazine ever about digital fashion, Glitch Magazine and ZERO10 teamed up for a challenge! They asked creators to make content using digital garments from a particular category in the ZERO10 app. Since that's something I regularly do anyway, of course I had to hop in with some entries!

A series of images showing the progression of adding digital garments to a photo

[original photo | Asylum #001 by Tania Viegas | Circus lab by Julie Circus]

The guidelines for the challenge were very loose, so I challenged myself to create entries using one of my favorite techniques and combine multiple pieces into a complete, cohesive digital outfit.

A series of images showing the addition of multiple digital garments to create a digital fashion outfit

[original photo | Cosmic Blossom Cascade hoodie (by meeeee!) | AR_ANGEL_VENUS by Lucii]

Of course I had to include one of my hoodies from the recent ZERO10 customization challenge. (I'm still very excited that they gave their community an opportunity to design digital garments without needing any 3D modeling experience, and I look forward to future challenges like this!)

Images showing the progression of adding digital garments overlayed on physical garments

[original photo | Sirin by Lenushka_3D | Ukrainian Wings by VSD Couture]

None of my entries were selected as a finalist in the challenge but I still had a lot of fun putting together these looks! Check out the ZERO10 app to try these looks yourself!

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