AI Cat Fashion

My passions for fashion, tech, and feline friends colliding! Click the thumbnails to check out these fun AI cat fashion collections featuring a wide variety of well-dressed kitties:

AI Cat Fashion Collections

Fashion AI Pro (+ Cats!)

While I originally started generating fashionable AI cat images on my own just for fun, I eventually stumbled across the Fashion AI Pro community and their weekly AI fashion competitions. Using the weekly challenge prompt, users submit their best AI fashion photos... and of course, mine always have a cat twist!

Typically most of the participants in these AI fashion challenges use professional tools like Midjourney, which produce stunning results but also come with a stunning price tag. Even the very lowest subscription to Midjourney costs almost $100 a year, which for many people isn't a realistic amount to spend on a silly hobby. So I use free tools, like Craiyon AI or Fotor, to generate AI images instead. Proof that you don't need fancy, expensive tools in order to participate in these kind of AI challenges!

Craiyon AI Image Generator

Craiyon would probably still be my favorite AI tool for this kind of use even if it wasn't free! It's built to quickly generate images for even the most outrageous prompts, and it does a pretty good job. It also spits out a lot of crazy, wonky failures. The weirder the prompt. the weirder the fails, and that's actually my favorite part of using generative AI! (If you also enjoy AI fails, consider subscribing to my Bonus Content to see the best of the worst for all of my many AI projects!)

Craiyon also offers a paid plan that comes with faster image generation, no watermarks, and no ads. If you find yourself using it a lot, you can help support the site for about half the price of Midjourney!

Fotor AI Image Generator

While they don't offer a free tier of service, Fotor does give away plenty of free credits, which I like to gather and save up for times when Craiyon isn't quite doing the trick! I've had excellent luck with Fotor, with a very low ratio of outright fails for most prompts. (Some prompts, I will admit, are trickier than others!)

The AI cat fashion images featured here were mostly created based on challenge prompts in the Discord servers for various generative AI companies, including Fotor's Discord. Participating in these competitions is not only fun, you could also win lots more free credits so that you can generate even more AI images! Such as cats, or cats. Or maybe some cats!

In addition to generating AI cats wearing clothes, I also use Fotor to transform my digital fashion photos into anime characters.