Sewing Project: Purple Heather Tank Top

front and back photos of a purple tank top made from heathered purple jersey

[I know I say this every time, but it's my new favorite!]

Of all the satisfying DIYs I've ever done, I think DIY fashion is what I find to be the most fulfilling! Not only do you get to step back and say, I MADE THAT! - you also get to keep showing it off to the world over and over again every time you wear it. And there is no more personal style than a garment that was made just for YOU!

photo of the front of the packaging for the Simplicity 1463 sewing pattern

[i'm a big fan of easy projects]

This sewing pattern is one of the first one I bought when I started learning to sew. I chose it because it seemed pretty straightforward, with no zippers or buttons to worry about.

It sat in my pattern collection for a little while before I found the perfect fabric to pair with it: a chunk of gorgeous heathered purple jersey that I picked up for $2 at my favorite thrift shop! Since there was less than a yard, laying out the pattern pieces was a bit like a jigsaw puzzle, but I had juuuust enough fabric to make it work! (Which also gave me no margin of error sinceI couldn't re-cut any of the pieces, eep!)

I used the pattern for D/E, but slightly different. Both of these variations are the same construction but with different embellishments. I decided it didn't need any additional elements at all and went without!

photo of a woman wearing a purple tank top standing in front of a thrift shop shelf full of rolls of fabric

[having a full-circle moment in front of the fabric rack at the thrift shop]

I'm totally in love with how it turned out! I decided to wear the finished tank top to the thrift shop where I bought the fabric and shoot a couple of photos. It was a fun full circle moment! Plus all of the ladies who work at the thrift shop were excited to see what I made, since by now they have gotten to know who I am and have sold me many piles of fabrics and trims!

In fact, I get the fabric for most of my projects here, including the strawberry tank top that I made recently!

photo of a woman wearing a purple tank top, sitting on a couch and reading a book at a thrift shop

[this book seemed kinda meh but the colors on the cover were fab]

I wish you all could feel this textile! It feels like an athleticwear fabric, sturdy yet soft and possibly with a bit of spandex mixed in. It has the feel of a very expensive fabric - originally it definitely would have cost way more than $2!

My sewing skills are slowly but surely improving! Just need to keep moving forward and making more, more, more... Soooo I'm off to go dig through my patterns and fabrics to figure out what is next!

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