DRESSX on a Budget: Hope Dress

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before and after shots of a woman wearing a digital dress. she is holding a watering can and looking out across a vast desert.

[I think I'm gonna need a bigger watering can...]

One of my perennial favorite digital garments on DRESSX is the Hope dress by Anna Tsvell. It was actually the first Metalook I ever ordered when I initially discovered DRESSX, and I was recently inspired to revisit it. Since this look is only ONE DOLLAR, I can style it over and over without busting my budget!

Javo, the manager of the official DRESSX Discord server, suggested water conservation as the inspiration for a look. That sparked an idea, and I ran with it! I've been wanting to work more props into my Metalook photos. Combined with carefully selected digital fashion and photo locations or backgrounds, you can really create a character or a narrative with these photos!

digital fashion photo of a woman wearing a pink virtual dress. she has large white angel wings and is walking through a pink sky with clouds.

[favorite Amazon leggings (affiliate)]

You might recognize my original Metalook of this dress because it's been my profile picture on most platforms for a long time now! I styled it with a pair of blue leggings because there is a tiny touch of blue on the front of the dress, and edited the resulting image in Canva to add clouds and angel wings.

photo of a woman wearing a pink and black digital dress, holding a blue watering can, looking out over an expanse of desert

[what's with all my pics having a post-apocalyptic vibe lately?]

The new image was edited in Canva as well, but this time I did the edits before I submitted my photo to DRESSX rather than editing it afterward. I stuck with the same blue leggings for styling because they tie in nicely with my blue watering can.

I'm extremely happy with how all of the elements came together to tell a story!

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