DRESSX Metalook: Wisteria Mistress

photo of a woman in a digital outfit that looks like something a woodland fairy would wear

[Wisteria Mistress by DRESSX]

A few months ago the folks at DRESSX were looking to talk to users of the app, so I signed up for an interview because I thought it would be fun to give my input. It went great, and at the end of the interview to thank me for my time, they sent me a coupon code for a free Metalook!

You know how I roll, so of course when I went to pick my look I sorted the list with the most expensive first, and used the code on something that I wouldn't have otherwise been able to afford! The look I picked is called Wisteria Mistress and it is part of a series of Met Gala inspired looks.

digital fashion before and after photos of a woman with a digitally-added dress and wings

[giving strong woodland fairy vibes]

The look is one that I've loved since I first saw it and never thought I would be able to afford. Normally priced at $90, it would have otherwise been way out of my budget. Thank you DRESSX!

I had to make sure my midriff was clear for the cutout in the dress, so I tucked my shirt into my bra to make it as cropped as possible and rolled down the waistband of my leggings to make them ride lower on my hips. I also made sure to coordinate the colors I wore underneath with the digital outfit, so anywhere it might peek out, like at the neckline or ankles, wouldn't look out of place. The photo location was also carefully considered, because I wanted to look like a woodland fairy in the final photo!

I'm really happy with how it turned out, and hope to one day find a way to digitally wear more of the amazing outfits from this Met Gala collection!

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