ZERO10 Drop: Cosmic Blossom Cascade Hoodie

3d rendering of a digital hoodie featuring an image of watercolor flowers on a cosmic-inspired watercolor background

[ZERO10 out here making my digital fashion dreams come true!]

For as long as I've been obsessed with digital fashion, I have also wanted to design my own garments. But there is one problem: I don't know how to create 3D files! So when ZERO10 gave me the opportunity to design a digital hoodie without any 3D modeling skills, of course I jumped at it!

Introducing the Cosmic Blossom Cascade digital hoodie! It features watercolor flowers on a galaxy-inspired watercolor background, including some fun details on the hood. If this was a physical hoodie I would definitely want it in my closet!

This is the first of two hoodies I designed for the ZERO10 Customization Challenge. Be sure to check out my other digital hoodie as well! You can wear both hoodies for free in the ZERO10 app, but they'll only be there for a limited time.

screenshots of the ZERO10 app showing where to find the Cosmic Blossom Cascade digital hoodie

[be sure to save it to your wardrobe so you can keep using it forever and ever and ever]

Look for my hoodies under the "Customization Challenge" collection. Be sure to hit the save button at the top of the page for each individual hoodie - this will add them to your wardrobe and you will be able to use them forever, even after the collection disappears from the app!

If you take any photos or videos using this digital hoodie, I would love to see them! Please hop over to my Discord server and find the channel for submitting your ZERO10 digital fashion pics. You might also get featured here on my website!

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