DRESSX Metalook: Cropped Puffy Jacket

woman standing in front of an overgrown abandoned playground wearing a blue jumpsuit and a cropped orange digital puffer jacket

[ready for a playdate at the end of the world]

This photo has been formulating in my mind for a long time, and I am so glad that it finally all came together! The backdrop, the jumpsuit, the digital jacket... it's all just *chef kiss*! There's a lot to talk about here and I've been very excited to share it all!

screenshot of the DRESSX website showing the Cropped Puffer Jacket by Balmlabs

[this was the first digital garment I ever added to my favorites on DRESSX]

Cropped Digital Jacket

Let's start at the top and talk about this fabulous jacket! It's the Cropped Puffy Jacket by Balmlabs, and it was the first digital garment I ever added to my favorites on DRESSX. But it's a bit of a peculiar garment, so it needed to be paired with just the right outfit and photographed in just the right location. It's so unique and for a long time I wasn't sure how I was going to do it justice!

images of a woman wearing a blue jumpsuit with tiny white polka dots in front of an abandoned playground on a cloudy day

[definitely one of my best thrift shop finds of all time]

Anthropologie Jumpsuit

This is definitely one of my best thrift shop finds ever! Usually I don't got for jumpsuits, but this was on the $1 rack at one of my favorite thrift shops so I felt compelled to try it on, and it fit perfectly so of course I couldn't pass it up! It's originally from Anthro so I knew it wasn't cheap; I later found the same jumpsuit on Poshmark new with the original tags, and it retailed for $158. I scored bigtime!

abandoned playground equipment overgrown with vegetation

[the unique vibe here was just *begging* for a photo shoot]

Abandoned Playground

Once upon a time, there was a school at one of the churches in my neighborhood. I'm not sure what year the school closed but it's definitely been a while now judging by the size of a tree that's grown up through the middle of what has become a literal jungle gym! The whole place has a very post-apocalyptic yet playful vibe.

before and after photos of a woman with a digital puffer jacket

[mad max meets sesame street?]

I've been wanting to do a fashion shoot at this location for over a year but wasn't sure how I was going to maximize the unique feel it has. Once I imagined all of these elements together I knew I'd found the right combination. Putting it all together was a long time in the making but I think the final results were well worth the wait!

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