DRESSX Metalook: Hug Life Bucket Hat

before and after of a woman wearing a digital bucket hat

[livin' the hug life]

Typically when I style a digital fashion look, I take a fresh photo specifically for wearing a particular digital garment or accessory. But sometimes, I have photos on hand already that work just as well!

You may recognize this outfit that I wore for the 4th of July. As I was flipping through the DRESSX app and thinking about my next Metalook, the thought crossed my mind that the primary colors of the "Hug Life" bucket hat by Mira Makati would pair nicely with my bright blue lace dress.

screenshots of the mira makati hug life bucket hat on the dressx app

[Mira Makati Hug Life Bucket Hat via DRESSX]

I love the vibes this hat is giving! It's the type of fun, silly accessory that I would actually own, and pairing it with the dress is an unexpected twist.

This particular hat doesn't appear to be on the DRESSX website, so you can only wear it via the app. The AR version is free, but you'll need a paid subscription to the app in order to do a Metalook with it.

Don't have the spare cash for a subscription? You can still enjoy lots of awesome digital fashion options! DRESSX also offers a selection of items with Metalooks for as little as $1, like the Matrix Ear Cuff. Or check out the ZERO10 app, which offers an AR-based photo dressing service with a wide variety of looks available for free!

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