Vintage Sewing: Strawberry Tank Top

three different angles of a woman wearing a pale yellow tank top with a strawberry print

[nothing feels better to wear than clothes you made yourself]

Do you ever feel like inanimate objects are calling out to you? I get that with fabric a lot. Like the day that I walked into my favorite thrift shop and saw a roll of yellow gauze fabric with a strawberry print. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it!

close-up of light yellow fabric with a flocked strawberry print

[omg they're fuzzyyyyy!]

And then I got closer. Could it be??

I reached out to touch it and confirmed... yes, the strawberries are FLOCKED and fuzzy!

It was less than a yard of fabric, but it was extra-wide, so I knew I would have enough to do *something* with it. I just wasn't sure what yet, so I brought it home and tucked it in my stash.

vintage crochet pattern

[Butterick Classics 6113 vintage sewing pattern, 1988]

A couple of months later, I was hanging out with the sewing club I joined, and one of the ladies who works at the sewing shop where we meet was cleaning out a bunch of random stuff. I came home with a whole pile of odds and ends, including a few uncut vintage sewing patterns. When I matched the patterns to fabrics in my stash, I realized that I would have *just* enough of the strawberry fabric to make a tank top!

flatlay photo of a yellow tank top with strawberry print

[the finished product!]

The pattern is from 1988, and all of the pieces have a loose and breezy fit that was popular at the time. The loose fit also means that the pattern can be made using fabrics that don't stretch, without the need to add zippers or buttons. Which makes it super fast, easy, and versatile! (I predict more garments from this pattern in my future!)

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