DRESSX on a Budget: Matrix Ear Cuff

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screenshot photo of a woman wearing a futuristic digital ear cuff

[Matrix Ear Cuff Metalook via DRESSX, background via Canva]

I'm a huge fan of DRESSX, but their looks can be a little pricey - many are out of my current budget! Luckily, they also have a selection of inexpensive looks for as little as $1. These budget items are a great way to dip a toe into digital fashion if you're new to the idea and want to check it out!

I'll be working my way through styling all of the $1 digital garments and accessories that they offer, starting with the Matrix Ear Cuff. There are a lot of different ways you could style this futuristic ear jewelry, but for me it was clearly begging for a bit of a Mad Max twist. But Rhonda-style, of course!

images of a black athletic tank top with a web of holes cut int it

[see-thru tank top of unknown and thrifted origins]

The Max Max inspiration led me to this weird, shreddy-looking tank top. It's been in my closet for eons, thrifted because it was interesting and probably about $2, and then tucked away. But I haven't ever actually worn it before! It's definitely a layering piece - since the webbing of holes covers the entire shirt, it's kinda inappropriate on its own... which has also made it strangely intimidating!

I think it's actually athletic wear, but to me this kind of garment just screams post-apocalyptic-future. I'm not sure of the brand because it came to me with the tag cut out!

a hot pink bra on a turquoise blue dress form

[world's comfiest bra: Coobie]

I wanted something bright with good contrast underneath, so I paired it with my hot pink Coobie bra (affiliate). I've owned a lot of these bras and they are my favorite. They're super comfy and come in a ton of colors and different styles, made to look great peeking out from other garments - usually at the neckline, but in this case it peeks all over!

headshot photo of a woman wearing futuristic pink and black sunglasses with a silver digital ear cuff

[futuristic floating lens sunglasses via Goggles4u]

To tie it all together I also wore my most futuristic sunglasses, with what I think they described as "floating" lenses. I got them a long time ago from a site called Goggles4U because I had a really good coupon code, and I have a hard time resisting cheap prescription glasses.

before and after shots of a photo with a digital ear accessory applied

[Metalook before and after | Matrix Ear Cuff via DRESSX]

Important tip: if you want to try this yourself for $1, make sure you order through the DRESSX website rather than the app. The $1 deals are exclusively on the website!

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