Digital Fashion Mashup: The Summoner

screenshots of digital fashion elements from the DRESSX and ZERO10 apps

[why limit your looks to just one digital fashion app?]

Unless you are ferociously loyal to a particular brand or retailer, chances are when you put together an outfit of physical garments, the components were most likely procured from a variety of sources. So it only makes sense that one would do the same with digital fashion!

I scroll regularly through the catalogs of my favorite digital fashion apps to get inspired, and a couple of recent drops on DRESSX and ZERO10 jumped out at me as a great pairing. So I did the thing! Using my husband Adam as a model, I took a photo that passed through multiple apps to produce a fun final result.

Here is what my process looked like: 

three screenshots showing the progression of editing a photo across three different apps

[hat/mask: Hustler Shadow Catcher by Avølve via DRESSX | shirt: Spirit of Freedom by Daria Kurtulmus via ZERO10 | special effects via Canva]

I started out in the DRESSX AR camera to add the hat/mask combo, taking a photo of my husband in A-pose. This may look silly at first, but there were a couple of reasons behind posing in this manner!

The first reason for the pose was fitting of the second digital garment, a shirt, in the ZERO10 app. The application of their digital garments is more accurate with simple poses; since A-pose is one of the standard poses used in the process of creating the 3D model of the digital garment, it tends to also get some of the best results when applying the garment to a body!

The pose was also a part of the final vision for the character I created! Using Canva I added some special effects, like glowing red eyes and lightning bolts shooting from his palms. The particular Canva elements I used here do require a pro account, however they offer other similar elements for free, and there are also some great free effects apps out there!

Seeing the final photo with all of the elements together, the pose makes a lot more sense. He's not just Adam, he is Adam the Summoner!

What do you think? Have you tried any digital fashion apps yet?

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