Digital Garment Try-On with ZERO10

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Woman wearing a purple ling sleeve shirt, metallic black pleated skirt, and fuchsia leggings, posed with one hand on her hip, standing on a balcony surrounded by plants

[shirt & skirt: thrifted | leggings: Amazon (affiliate) | glasses: Zenni (affiliate)]

Today I took some photos wearing an outfit that was intended for styling a particular digital garment. And then I thought, as long as I had a good photo, then why not play around with it in the ZERO10 app and see how it pairs with other AR fashion!

Which of these looks is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! I've included links to each individual garment so you can digitally try them on yourself.

images of various digital garments

[Seashore by Manasi x Fern | Imperial Gown by Maroulee | You, The Creator by Honey]


images of various digital garments

[Cyber Furry Top by Gia GNM Design | Ruffle Coat by Alexandra Sipa | Rocket Nostalgia by Alexa Kusulas]


images of various digital garments

[Yearzero: Cosmic Warrior by Space Kkabbi x Popopo | Flora_jacket by Dress-Coding | Bubba by Urbanpeppermint]


images of various digital garments

[Celestial by Th5adows | Bionique by Era Nova | Love Yourself First by Elaphanisa]


I think my favorite with this outfit is Yearzero: Cosmic Warrior followed by a close second place for Seashore. (I've actually posted pics wearing Bubba before - it's very versatile!)

The ZERO10 app is free and easy to use, so it's a great way to get started with digital fashion if you're curious to give it a try!

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