DRESSX NFT: Styling the Outer Edge LA Bomber Jacket

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image of a digital jacket with a red, purple, and turquoise planetary scene

[digital jacket via DRESSX]

I'm not really into NFTs and cryptocurrency and that kind of stuff, but I am a big fan of DRESSX, and every once in a while I manage to snag a fashion NFT for free. And who can say no to free??

This snazzy jacket was one of those freebies. I accidentally stumbled onto this one. It was designed as digital swag for an event in Los Angeles that I didn't attend, but because of the way they set up distribution I was still able to grab one. And I'm glad because I love these colors!

flatlay of an outfit consisting of a futuristic purple shirt, shiny black skirt, magenta leggings, and turquoise glasses with white polka dots

[shirt & skirt: thrifted | leggings: Amazon (affiliate) | glasses: Zenni (affiliate)]

Styling this jacket was fun, but without the jacket, who would put these items together? The real-life portion of this outfit really needs the digital jacket to tie everything together. So I won't be wearing this one out any time soon.

The shirt has kind of a futuristic look to it, with patterns of cut-outs all across it. I actually picked this one out specifically for styling under digital garments because they typically require tight-fitting clothes in order to look realistically layered. I thrifted it without a tag so I am not sure who originally made it!

cover image of a fake comic book called Apocalypse Girl

[Apocalypse Girl art project]

The skirt is a bit of an odd length, but I love the look of the shiny pleats that make it also look futuristic. I've only worn in a couple of times, most notably in the series of Apocalypse Girl photos we shot during the pandemic lockdown in early 2020. It's the kind of skirt that only works in certain combinations, but I think it goes nicely with the whole vibe of the Outer Edge jacket!

So far, so good.

But then we throw the fuchsia leggings in there and it's like, whaaaaat? Without the context of the jacket it makes absolutely no sense. I can't imagine anybody pairing this shirt and leggings together under any other circumstances. But somehow with the jacket it all works!

before and after photos of a woman wearing a digital jacket

[Metalook via DRESSX]

The best part of my collection of DRESSX NFTs is that each one comes with what they call a "metalook". Basically, you send them a photo, and they send it back edited to make it look very convincingly like you are actually wearing the garment.

Only 228 of these jacket NFTs were minted, meaning only 228 people in the whole world have the ability to digitally wear it in a photo like this. The exclusivity is also nice because it helps keep my wardrobe unique! (Yes, I consider the digital garments I own to be a part of my wardrobe!)

Images of the Outer Edge LA bomber jacket NFT

[NFT and Metalook via DRESSX]

For being not-an-NFT-person, this perk has definitely gotten my attention! What do you think? Would you start a collection of fashion NFTs?

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