DRESSX NFT: Styling the LoveVision Glasses

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Animation of the Love Vision glasses NFT

[digital sunglasses via DRESSX]

I'm a pretty recent convert to the world of NFTs, and even then I'm only interested in a specific type. I've always found it a little silly that people have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars for ownership of blurry JPGs of memes or a monkey to use as a profile pic. But some NFTs come with actual utility beyond simply collecting. And all of the items in my growing NFT collection have one thing in common: they are wearable digital fashion!

There are a variety of ways that you can wear digital fashion, and my favorite is having digital garments and accessories added to photographs. At DRESSX, this kind of photo dressing is called a Metalook. And like any physical wearable item, when you take the photos for a Metalook you should style the rest of your outfit to compliment with the digital item in mind!

close-up shot of a woman wearing a turquoise sleeveless button-down shirt, a pink beaded necklace, and digital sunglasses adorned with pink rhinestone hearts with matching earrings

[Metalook via DRESSX]

The LoveVision NFT is a pair of digital sunglasses that DRESSX gifted to their members for Valentine's Day 2023. A total of 629 pairs were given away to any user who claimed them before the deadline, and of course I jumped at the opportunity to get something awesome for free!

I knew that I wanted my Metalook photo to be a close-up shot and that I wanted the glasses to truly be the star of the ensemble, so I kept that in mind when I styled my outfit on the day we shot the pics.

flatlay image of an outfit consisting of a sleeveless teal button-down blouse, magenta vintage beaded necklace, teal polka dot glasses, and a pair of jeans

[top: attention | jeans: Levi's | necklace: thrifted vintage | glasses: Zenni (affiliate)]

One of my favorite color combos is pinks with the teal/turquoise family, so for my Metalook fit I picked one of my favorite tops. Way back in 2007-08 I worked in customer service at Kmart, and every once in a while I would find clothes there that I really loved, including this sleeveless button-down. The flowy, sheer overlay on this top has picked up a few little snags in 16 years of wear, but I don't care... I will wear this shirt until it's in tatters because I love it that much!

I finished off the fit with a thrifted vintage necklace (because I am obsessed with vintage costume jewelry) and my favorite jeans, which aren't pictured in the Metalook photo but were still an important part of my OOTD. They are Levi's 351 Shaping Bootcut and I need to get another pair (or maybe 3) because they fit me impeccably!

before and after photos of the application of digital sunglasses

[Metalook via DRESSX]

Despite my horrible eyesight, I took off my glasses for the photos. While DRESSX can add items to a photo, they can't remove the physical items you're wearing in the photos you send them! (For the rest of the day, I rocked my teal polka-dot glasses (affiliate) which also go great with this fit.)

screenshots of the DRESSX LoveVision NFT in the app and the Metalook photo posted on Snapchat

[NFT and Metalook via DRESSX]

These glasses are definitely one of my favorite items in my digital closet. And the more Metalooks I order, the more hooked I get! As a lover of sustainable fashion (evidenced by my 16-year-old shirt and vintage jewelry), digital fashion is the perfect way for me to expand my looks without increasing my carbon footprint. I'm living in the future and loving every bit of it!

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