AI Fashion: Cats in 80s Track Suits

ai generated image of a cat wearing a 1980s track suit in front of a graffiti covered wall

[now that's what I call a cool cat! | generated by Craiyon]

I recently joined several Discord servers related to digital fashion, including one called Fashion AI that hosts themed challenges for creating AI fashion. I've already been playing around with AI fashion for a while now so if course I had to join, with my usual twist... my models are always CATS!

The themes for this challenge were pixel art and activewear, and that led me down a road toward 80s track suits. Here are the 50 best ones I generated with Craiyon! The first 10 in the gallery were my official submission to the challenge.

ai generated image of a cat in a track suit gone wrong

[uhhhh, not entirely sure what happened here... | generated by Craiyon]

There were also a lottt of fails, as always! Subscribe to my Bonus Content for access to a gallery of over 150 fails, ranging from slightly wonky to nightmare-inducing!

But first, please enjoy the non-fails:

More AI cat fashion ⇢

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