DRESSX on a Budget: SpaceX Sweatshirt

screenshot images showing the progression of editing a photo

[fashion fit for a trip to mars]

Not only can digital fashion give you an unlimited wardrobe that takes up zero closet space, you can also treat it as another layer in your photo editing process. Using a service like DRESSX to change your outfit in a photo can be the inspiration to lead you in some fun directions!

spacex sweatshirt via dressx

[digital sweatshirt via DRESSX]

For this Metalook (which costs only $1 on the DRESSX website), I submitted a photo from a recent OOTD photo shoot. This particular photo was ideal for adding a digital top because it's close-fitting and minimal; just like layering physical garments, the base layer must fit properly underneath the top layer!

The digital sweatshirt features a photo of a SpaceX launch. I'm not an Elon Musk fan (RIP Twitter), but I do love space. Once upon a time I wanted to be an astronaut when I grew up! However it turns out that being an astronaut involves a lot of math, the realization of which was the end of that dream. Math is definitely *not* my thing!

laptop computer showing the canva photo editor

[put your digital fashion photos over the top with a little extra editing]

Anyway, after my Metalook photo order was delivered, I decided that I also wanted to change the background to make it more space-y! I used Canva's background remover tool to swap out the brick wall for a planetary backdrop instead.

Voilà, it's now a work of digital art!

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