More ZERO10 Try-on Fun

The pics from my OOTD shoot earlier this week turned out so great that I just can't stop playing with them! In addition to using them for a DRESSX Metalook photo (and then *another* Metalook as well), I also tried on a lot of different digital garments with the ZERO10 app!

screenshot images of a woman wearing various digital garments

[Seashore by Manasi X Fern | Circus Lab by Julie Circus | Celestial by Th5adows]

Finding the right photo to work with each of ZERO10's garments can take a few tries, but it's so worth it. (Especially since the app is free to use!) These are a few of the best pics that I came up with. You may have seen me post some of these digital garments before, and likely will see them again, since I save all of my favorites to my wardrobe on ZERO10! They introduce new pieces weekly and I always check to save all the ones that fit my personal style.

If you've never tried digital fashion before, ZERO10 is an easy place to start!

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