Digital Fashion Edit: Space Girl

screenshots of digital garments from the ZERO10 digital fashion app

[combining items from my ZERO10 wardrobe into a single look]

Every time I go out taking photos for an OOTD or a DRESSX Metalook, I always take some extra pics. That way not only do I have pics for what I need in the present moment, I also have plenty of fodder for additional projects and experiments! So when I did my photoshoot for the DRESSX Wisteria Mistress look, I ended up with a bunch of extras that were perfect for ZERO10 as well.

If you are new to digital fashion, ZERO10 is a great place to start because most of their digital fashion is completely free to use, both with their AR camera as well as applied to photos from your camera roll. (Which is my favorite feature of the app!)

before and after photos of a woman with digital garments applied

[first attempt: almost there but not quite]

At first I added a couple of my favorite ZERO10 digital garments to the photo with the original background. While the lush, green backdrop was perfect for a woodland fairy look, it didn't quite give the right vibes for more of a space warrior kind of look. It needed more edits!

digital fashion before and after photos showing a woman wearing a space warrior outfit

[second attempt: muchhhhh better]

I took the original image into Canva, where I removed the original background and replaced it with something a little more futuristic. I also played around with the colors of the photo, just to take it that extra step over the top. Then I went back to ZERO10 and dressed up with the digital garments again.

While it was just a quick edit, I'm really happy with how it came out, and glad that I persisted with the additional edits that really made the final photo pop!

What do you think? Have you tried any digital fashion apps yet?

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