Digital Fashion Mashup: Forest Warrior

screenshot image of a man wearing a digital fashion outfit that makes him look like a forest warrior

[behold the mighty forest warrior]

Lately I have been doing a lot more digital fashion edits that incorporate garments and accessories from multiple apps. It is so much fun to style these pieces together, and it makes me look at my digital wardrobe in a whole new light!

In the process, Adam is unwittingly becoming a digital fashion influencer in his own right. He's an excellent model, and so many of the items I see on my favorite apps are a great fit for his style, which is very different from mine!

Here is how I created this digital look for him (for free!), so you can recreate it yourself or use the process as inspiration for your own digital outfits!

screenshots showing the elements of a digital fashion outfit

[digital garments and accessories via DRESSX and ZERO10]

1. In the DRESSX app, use the AR camera to take a photo wearing the Forgotten Crown by Nik Gundersen. Save the photo to your camera roll.

Tip: Simple poses work best when adding garments to photos in the ZERO10 app, so keep that in mind when you take your initial shot!

screenshot images of a man showing the progression of adding items to a digital fashion outfit

[layer the garments onto the photo one at a time to achieve the final look]

2. Open the ZERO10 app and find the bodysuit-like garment called Interconnected by Hana x Fern. This item makes a nice layer in this combination to tie together the underlying physical garments! Add this garment to the photo you took in the DRESSX app, and save the resulting image to your camera roll.

3. Find the Copped Armor by 19G in ZERO10. Add the armor to the photo you saved from the previous step, then save again!

screenshots showing before and after of color correction edits

[sometimes a little color tweak makes a big difference]

You could stop at this point and call it done. But I felt like it needed one more little tweak to really put it over the top!

I felt like the silver armor was a little bit *too* silver, and needed a bit of a color adjustment in order to tie it together better with the colors of the crown. So I added a little bit of a sepia filter on the photo to warm up the metal and make everything look more cohesive.

What do you think of the finished look? Please let me know if you try this process, I would love to see your results!

What do you think? Have you tried any digital fashion apps yet?

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