DRESSX + AI = Sparkly Future Man!

screenshot images of a man wearing augmented reality sunglasses and an ai-generated shirt

[he's so sparklyyyyyyy!]

And now for something a little different... tonight I added a little bit of AI to my photo editing process! Digital fashion comes in many forms, and it was a fun experiment to mix augmented reality with artificial intelligence for this look.

screenshot images showing the process of editing a digital fashion photo

[augmented reality sunglasses via DRESSX | AI-generated shirt (and other edits) via Facetune]

I started out by taking a picture of Adam with the DRESSX camera wearing the Olympia Glasses by Nik Gundersen. After saving the photo, I opened it in Facetune to add a little filtering, since it was kind of dusky when I took the original photo and I wanted to make the colors pop a little more.

I also wanted to play with Facetune's AI clothing changer. The feature lets you change what fabric your clothes are made from! I tried many different materials for his shirt, and decided I liked the sliver sparkles the best. (Which also inspired me to add some sparkles to the background!)

I can definitely see myself using AI to change more garments in the future!

What do you think? Have you tried any digital fashion apps yet?

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