DRESSX on a Budget: Hearts Bucket Hat

photo of a woman wearing a digitally applied bucket hat

[honestly I'll take any excuse to accessorize!]

DRESSX recently launched a new feed feature in their app where users can share their digital fashion photos. And of course you know I jumped right on it! I've been anticipating this feature for a while; back in January I sat down for a user experience interview with someone from the DRESSX team and when they mentioned that a user feed was in development, I got very excited!

So of course I have been taking every possible opportunity to add digital garments and accessories to my photos. Like this one!

screenshots of the hearts bucket hat in the dressx app

[becoming a DRESSX power user one feed photo at a time]

I didn't originally plan to order any Metalook photos of this outfit with the bucket hat, but this shot just turned out so perfect for it. And since this is one of the items that cost just ONE DOLLAR as a Metalook, I couldn't resist! (Tip: order this item via the website, rather than the app, in order to get the $1 pricing!)

I love the gravity-defying hearts that float at the sides of this hat. Many of my favorite digital garments are ones that defy the rules to create pieces that would be impossible in the physical world!

As I continue to jump-start my feed on the app, I have a feeling there will be a lot more budget Metalooks on the way!

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