ZERO10 Drop: Lavender Dreams Hoodie

3d rendering of a digital hoodie featuring illustrations of lavender flowers on a light purple background

[the purplest digital sweatshirt in all the digital land!]

When ZERO10 announced their hoodie customization challenge, I knew I had to enter since I have wanted to create my own digital fashion for a long time! They allowed two entries per person so after I got done submitting my first digital hoodie, I got right to work on creating a second one!

The Lavender Dreams hoodie really is the hoodie of my dreams... and it has a fun surprise on the back side! You can wear both of my digital hoodie designs for free on the ZERO10 app.

screenshot images of where to find the Lavender Dreams hoodie within the ZERO10 digital fashion app

[don't forget to save it so you can wear it digitally for all eternity!]

Look for my hoodies under the "Customization Challenge" collection in the app. These designs will only be listed for a limited time, so make sure you also hit the save button on each individual item to add it to your digital wardrobe. If you save it, you can keep using it forever, even after the collection is gone from the app!

If you create any content using either of my hoodie designs, I would love to see! Please be sure to share them on my Discord - you might also get featured here on the website!

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