Styling a Digital Puffer Jacket with ZERO10

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woman wearing a pink digital puffer jacket with heart cutouts over a grey long-sleeve tee and purple mini skirt, in front of a teal brick wall

[digital jacket: oSnowie via Zero10 | shirt: Poof | skirt: LA Hearts | leggings: Amazon (affiliate) | hat: Woolrich | glasses: Zenni (affiliate)]

If you follow my Snapchat story, you may recognize this fit from a few months ago! I wasn't 100% happy with how the photos turned out the first time I styled this digital puffer jacket and ever since I've been wanting a redo.

Today, after a couple of lovely days that felt like summer, it's snowing here again today. I don't intend to actually go romp around outside in this weather (brrr!), so a digital jacket was perfect!

screenshots of the Zero10 digital fashion app and a sample photo of a woman wearing a pink digital jacket with heart cutouts

 [Zero10 | Snapchat]

This particular jacket is one of my favorite digital garments on the Zero10 app. (And it's free!) It's a great example of digital fashion that couldn't exist in physical form, since it features gravity-defying hearts that float in space.

I used the Zero10 app to layer the jacket over a long-sleeve tee and one of my favorite skirts. The photo was originally taken against a boring wall in my apartment. I used Canva to spiff up the background a bit, since I didn't feel like venturing out into the cold day for a more interesting backdrop!

I'm much happier with how this turned out the second time around!

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