Starry Pink Skirt (Adult S)
Starry Pink Skirt (Adult S)
Starry Pink Skirt (Adult S)
Starry Pink Skirt (Adult S)
Starry Pink Skirt (Adult S)

Starry Pink Skirt (Adult S)

Sweet Stitches
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The very first skirt I ever made!

Made for myself but only worn once for a few hours. Discounted because I wore it but it’s like new!

This OOAK, lovecore-inspired, Lolita style skirt was made from thrifted materials. It’s a double-layer skirt; the bottom layer is a vintage white textile with tiny red polka dots, and the top layer is bright magenta pink with little red stars. The bottom layer is trimmed with vintage eyelet lace. Elastic waist.

These fabrics were a challenge to work with, especially the pink fabric. But in the end I showed it who is the boss!

Be forewarned that the pink fabric loves to wrinkle. It steams or irons out beautifully (no more than medium heat), but I swear if you even think about sitting down it wrinkles! Definitely not great for long car rides or putting in a suitcase. However it’s excellent for photo shoots!

It’s a circle skirt so it SPINS beautifully, which is my favorite thing about this style of skirts!

The hem is a little wonky in a few places. But hey, it was my first!!

Measurements laid flat:

💜 Waist: 13 inches
💜 Length: 16 inches