Auto Insurance: How do rates compare across the United States?

What is Makeover Monday? 

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About this week's data

For this edition of Makeover Monday, the dataset is a listing of auto insurance rates for all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. And first of all, as a resident of Michigan, I just want to say... OOF!

Anyway, it's a pretty straightforward dataset.

My visualization

I knew that I wanted to do both stacked bars and maps again this week, as it seemed like the best way to present the data in a clean, concise way.

I also knew right away that I really really wanted to incorporate some illustrated elements this time! That tends to be the hallmark of my work and I'm just never as happy with projects that are missing that extra touch.

Anyway, I could see in my head how I wanted the stacked bars to look, but Data Studio was being disagreeable so I put that element together in Canva instead. However, my design options were a little limited, so I had to do some further editing to the Canva graphic using GIMP in order to remove the marker lines from the chart.

The interactive maps were made with Data Studio, where I also imported all of the rest of the elements and completed the layout. Which is kind of a pain in the ass - I really feel like Google could stand to step up their game with layout tools!

I decided on a color palette of greens as a nod to the monetary nature of the data.

Observations and Conclusions

Again, I've gotta say, CHEESE AND RICE about Michigan's prices. I knew it was expensive here but I had no idea it was like THAT! Yeesh!

 As I'm figuring out some of the inherent issues with Data Studio and learning its limitations, I am trying to work around them while staying try to my design aesthetic and not compromising on the functionality of the interactive elements. My best advice for anyone starting out with Data Studio would be to limit how many interactive items are linked to the same portions of the data, because that's when things are more likely to get frustratingly wonky.

I swear one of these days I am going to sit down and watch a bunch of Tableau tutorials!!